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Water Quality

Monitor Your Koi Pond

May 28, 2016 311
Default ImageMonitor Your Koi Pond
Date: Nov 2011 Contributor: Ian Wellby has an MSc in Applied Fish Biology. He runs…

Pond profiles and circulation

Aug 15, 2015 496
Pond profiles and circulation
I have described various ways in which it is possible to create beneficial water flow…

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Jason and Fiona Sugden
October 04, 2017 14

Jason and Fiona Sugden

in Real Ponds by Contributor
Measurements: Roughly 12,000 gallons. Filters: Ultrasieve and Ultrabead 100. Pump: Badu 14. Other equipment: Two 55W UV units and Airtech blowers. The fish: 40 Koi.
Jon and Mandy Griffiths
October 04, 2017 5

Jon and Mandy Griffiths

in Real Ponds by Contributor
Measurements: 16ft x10ft x 5ft6in; 4,020 gallons. Filter: Four-bay chamber with brushes, Japanese matting, Aquarock and lytag. Pumps: Two Argonaut pumps. The fish: 30 fish from 4–24in.
Dave Berryman
Oct 04, 2017 20

Dave Berryman

in Real Ponds by Contributor
Measurements: 16ft x 10ft x 5ft5in; 3,500 gallons. Filters: Nexus 200 and an Eazy Pod.…
Jason Holland
Oct 04, 2017 9

Jason Holland

in Real Ponds by George1
Measurements: 12ft x 12ft x 14ft; 3,000 gallons. Filter: Biosys 3. Pump: Oase Aquamax Eco…
010678 leaking pond look under liner for dampRepair leaking liner pond
Jul 08, 2016 332

Repair leaking liner pond

in How to .... by Keith Holmes
Your worst nightmare has come true: your pond is leaking water, but you can’t work out…
Summer at YagenjisYagenji Koi Farm
Jul 07, 2016 178

Yagenji Koi Farm

in Koi Breeders by Martin Symonds
Like so many koi businesses a hobby becomes a business, Martin Symonds talks to Yagenji…

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Published on Dec 18, 2014 This Very Rare Kikokuryu Koi carp is a breath taking one of a kind fish. Shawn tells us a...

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