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Would you like to volunteer to be a forum moderator.

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Would you like to volunteer to be a forum moderator.

Postby Mark Nuttall » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:45 pm

I’m looking for moderators who…
* … have previous forum moderation experience,
* … have been regular readers
* … can be decisive, fair, consistent, and mature in moderating forum posts (aka Moderation for Smart People)
* … expect to participate actively in the forums themselves
* … have strong experience in anyone of the forums listed

I’m looking for people with previous moderation experience isn’t because forum moderation is technically difficult.  It’s because moderation requires a certain degree of maturity and wisdom, and those qualities take experience to build.  The moderator’s decisions, or lack thereof, can make or break a forum.  So even if you lack specific forum moderation experience, feel free to apply if you think you have equivalent life experience appropriate to the task.
I favor a moderation style that maintains a very high signal-to-noise ratio.  Sometimes this requires being a bit heavy-handed, but I want these forums to be a powerful resource to help koi keepers.
What does moderation involve?
Basically, you check the forums at least once a day and use the built-in moderation functions to handle any problems that come up.  You’ll automatically receive an email whenever a forum member reports a problem, so in many cases you’ll be alerted to problems before you even visit the site.
Your privileges will include the ability to delete, close/re-open, and move threads and posts.  You’ll also be able to send private messages to members.  Basically your job will be to ensure that the community members follow those rules.  Most of this will be pretty obvious — no spam, no sexual content, no harassing people, and so on. 
I am planning to have multiple moderators per forum or multiple forums per moderator.  I’ll aim to maintain a good ratio that keeps the moderation duties fairly light.  On most days moderators shouldn’t have any problems to address at all.
If you decide you no longer wish to moderate, you can quit at any time.  I just ask that you give me reasonable notice (two weeks would be great) to find a suitable successor.
Why become a moderator?
Anyone who’s moderated a forum already knows how rewarding it can be.  If your goal is to fill an ego-based need like status or popularity, you probably won’t make a good moderator.  A good reason to become a moderator is that you love helping people and are looking for an outlet to contribute.  Great moderators are active in their forums, and they love seeing their communities blossom.  An active moderator has tremendous influence over the type of community that evolves.  If there’s anything you’ll get out of being a moderator, it’s that you’ll build stronger communication and leadership skills.
How to apply
If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, just email mark@koi.co.uk and send me the following info:
* some basic info about yourself (who you are, what you do, your main interests, your web site if you have one)
* your previous history with the hobby (how long you’ve been visiting and how often)
* previous forum moderation experience you’ve had (or why you’d make a good moderator)
* which particular forum(s) you’d most enjoy moderating e.g. Koi Appreciation
* why you’d like to be a moderator

Feel free to ask me questions about forum moderation.

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