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Underfloor heating for a koi pond

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Underfloor heating for a koi pond

Postby Pipertron » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:48 am

Hi all

I'm due to be setting up an above ground 1500 gal wooden starter koi pond. I'll probably have it for 2-3 years before I have the time to build what I really want out of block. I have a stainless steel heat exchanger that I was going to use to heat the pond from my house boiler, but I'm now toying with the idea of installing underfloor heating pipework in the concrete base that I'll pour for the pond, I'll put 100mm insulation below the base and circa 50mm on all sides. I'll be using a liner in the pond and 4" bottom drain.

I would have thought this would give stable pond temps and would make the filtration plumbing simpler. Is this a crazy idea? I might just do it anyway as an experiment. What do you think , Piper.

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Re: Underfloor heating for a koi pond

Postby Airlite » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:19 pm

Hi Piper. Hmmmm. It's an interesting idea but my gut feeling is that you'll find it's inefficient in a smallish, above ground level pond. Maybe if the pond was indoors and not exposed to the elements it would be a reasonable theory but outside I think it'll be an expensive experiment that could set you back a fair bit which may mean you have to delay your dream build further into the future.

I do have to admit that it's outside my area of expertise (everything is!) so I could be writing rubbish here but I suspect the efficiency of such a set-up would depend totally on how well you insulated the whole system and I would think you'd have to insulate it to an extraordinary degree (ie way more than 50mm) to notice any benefit. I could be wrong though.

No matter what method you use to keep the water temps stable, most heat loss occurs at the surface - that much I do know - so as much thought should go into how to prevent that as well as insulating everything and everywhere else.

Good luck with it though mate, let us know how you get on and what way you decide to go. Cheers, M

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Re: Underfloor heating for a koi pond

Postby efficiencyman » Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:28 pm

It`s a great way to do it ! I wish now that I had installed the pipework when I installed my concrete base. I later installed a heat pump as the system works well at lower temps just like my underfloor heating dose. So I had to use an external Heat exchanger with it`s extra losses from pipework, you can use PEX /Hepo2 polypipe 15mm on ponds up to 3000 Galls (22 mm over). I use a separate Digital thermostat controlling a separate zone M/V when opened switches on a separate circulating pump. The main criterion being insulation to prevent losses, including all pipework leading to & from the pond. I insulated the floor and walls of my pond with 100 mm of Cellotex polyethalene board it enables my pond to remain very stable temps & a good surface for my Fiberglass (N.B. Not for your in concrete heating HX) . Ensure your covers are "On" whenever the ambient temps drop below your pond temperature so watch the night time forecasts.

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