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New Koi Not Keeping Food Down...?

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New Koi Not Keeping Food Down...?

Postby battmiceter » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:12 am

Hi I recently got a new koi for my pond, it came from a pond with a high salt content so when she went in mine on Sunday (which is 0% salt) it was a bit of a shock to her to say the least and she struggled for a couple of hours, however she is fine now.

She would not feed at all for the first 3 days, then last night she ate approx 15 wheat germ pellets, but 30 seconds after she spat the lot out!

Just in case she was being picky, today I hand fed my others a bit of bread, and to my shock she came straight up and took some out of my hand twice, but both times she spat it out several seconds later, she kept going back to it, but also kept spitting it back out...

Is this normal behaviour for a new koi, or should I be worried she is either poorly or has an obstruction in her throat / stomach?



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